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Originally Posted by ScottDill View Post
I'll concede that you are old, but not that you are very well informed.

"Lad"? You really are an idiot...or at least play one on the interweb. Canadian football??? WTF??? Again, you haven't been paying attention.....I'm not Canadian...not that there's anything wrong with that.

No one backed into the MNC....It's based on polls at the end of the season. No such thing as a real NC in division I college football anyway....Where do you get 17? You have to be VERY liberal with your choosing of which poll results you use to get that number. You really can only go back as far as the 1998 season with the creation of the BSC and inclusion of all of the major players into the MNC game in this case.

I only count 6 match ups of undefeated teams. So I'll concede that 9/15 may not be "almost always", so let's just agree on "usually".
You say you are located in Canada, hence the Canadian football reference. If you aren't in Canada, where are you?

And, I didn't use polls, those were actual records, and truth be told, I only used final results and did not take into account 2 undefeated teams playing each other. So, I guess we're moving from "almost always, to "usually", to "hardly ever".
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