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Originally Posted by levain View Post
I just don't get the comparison of this to something like the Stadler suit. ....

I think a big part of it is how so we perceive things.

The point of view you have stated makes the "zip on waterproof suit" the major feature/selling-point/accomplishment of the Companero.

I agree that some riders may view the Companero/Concept with that eye.

My perspective is this - both are high-quality highly breathable jackets that suggest you wear the waterproof liner on the outside. The way i see it - this is the main feature of the jacket: breathable/perforated/mesh shell that is built from tough materials with top-of-the-line fabric/armor with comfort being an integral part of the design.

The Companero then also provides the waterproof suit which integrates with the base shell - that is worth an "extra amount" for sure. Now its up to each individual what they think is a justifiable "extra amount" for the integrated liner. Or if the integration is a must-have feature.

We chose not to provide the rain suit as we think there are some very good options available and feel that the "integration" feature is over-rated.

In my personal experience, the integration was never a issue. Most of my tours are two up and finding space for 2 Gore-Tex liners would be a pain. I left my cheap rain suits in the unlocked tank panniers because i was not worried about them getting stolen. We were never wet. So our design reflects this experience (with collaboration from a ton of feedback).

When we sat down to design this jacket - adding a reputable zip-on rain suit was not difficult to "accomplish"! we simply reached the conclusion that the added cost to the CONSUMER would be over-charging without over-delivering. But --- that is our perspective. I can understand if any body has a different view of the matter.

Also - the way i see it - most definitely not every jacket can be included in the comparison. Only jackets that provide a perforated shell made from "proven" materials (like Cordura, SuperFabric, Sas-Tec) can be included. You will find this list to be extremely small. Within that list - how many are designed for an outer rain suit instead of an internal liner? The already tiny list will be left with less than 3 or 4 names - with the Sahara and Companero being two of them.

Contrast this with our perspective on the Power Shell one-piece suit when compared to the Roadcrafter. Those two suits are not similar at all - heading in totally opposite direction with their design/tech choices. The RC has built-in waterproofing as an elemental feature whereas the Power Shell does not have waterproofing on the drawing board at all.
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