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Originally Posted by Moss View Post
I think it might have something to do with the proximity of it being close to London and being a sea-side resort with a Palace Pier attraction and a extremely long promenade and lots of hotels. It has always been a popular resort for the day trips, weekend and holidays.

But you may have a point, that compared to many European resorts it's quite plain. And yes, the beach is cobbled stones and a disappointment - I apologize on behalf of the British people, whom are not to blame!

What's up with you, don't you like fish and chips or what?

May I add, that they serve the finest ice-cream I have ever tasted, and I have been around a bit.
Ha ha, English fish and chips..... another disappointment! Too greasy and too much batter for my liking! There was a place in Fenstanton, Cambridgshire that did them alright though. I ploughed and cultivated the same thousand or so acres there each year through most of the '90s.

I do / did like fish and chips. The best I have had were made by an old Thai woman here in Phuket. She was a lovely person, married to an American yachtsman, and they had sailed the world together. Unfortunately, alcohol had got to him. She died four or five years ago, and he shot himself a couple of days later. I haven't eaten fish and chips since.

I don't remember the ice creams at Brighton.

I was lucky to live, work and ride around various interesting parts of England. I helped out at lambing time at a farm on Exmoor, also for several years. One of my jobs was to ride the common at dawn to check the cows that were close to calving. It was cold but I enjoyed those rides.

Another place I enjoyed was The Isle of Wight. The first time I went there was on a bicycle. There was a scooter rally there at the time; I never saw so many Vespas.

My base was a pub in northern Bedfordshire, where I used to shear sheep. It was the venue for the annual Northants MAG rally and also the Aerial club mid winter rally. Great events to be part of.

I had a Honda CB250RS most of the time I was based in England..... until some oik stole it. Sorry no photos; the few prints I have form those pre digital days are are stashed in New Zealand, 11,000 km away from where I am now!
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