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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
My real concern here is for your valves. When the header is broken like that ... the head is open directly to cold air rushing in onto red hot valves.
In some cases the cold air can cause valves to warp a bit.

I know our Auto mechanic guys here know about this. Is this of concern?
Or would one need to run for hours and hours like this to have a bad out come on valves?

I ruined a Go Cart lawnmower motor once, header pipe broke off. 11 year old kids? ... cool! LOUD! We kept riding. Motor didn't run too good after that!
Burning up the valves was the first thing I thoguht of and in the forefront of my mind while riding home.

I really babied it and it seemed to run fine at low rpms, albiet loud, never reved beyond half-throttle.

Debating on just picking up a take-off OEM or going with the FMF PowerBomb stainless header.

Anyone know if the PowerBomb will bolt up to the OEM sized midpipe from Kientech or will I need the larger diameter midpipe....if so I'll just go with another OEM.

And does the PowerBomb really do much for performance?
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