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Originally Posted by backdrifter View Post
I think our very own Chris at Boxer Metal (screen name "bmweuro") has the best price on Hoskes. I think they're right around $380, if I recall correctly. I went el cheapo route and got some imitation Dunstalls for $55 per side. If I decide I don't like them, I'm definitely going to buy some Hoskes from Chris. I have an R60/5, and I found this YouTube video of what they would sound like on my bike. Very, very nice indeed. It sounds a lot meaner than I thought a 600cc BMW boxer could!

Good luck!
Nice. Chris is awesome. He helped me recover from a loose valve seat which did some damage to my head last year. I'll reach out to him if I decide to go this route to see if he's still selling. Still researching other options because it's still a bit pricey -- but maybe worth it.
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