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I am real familiar with these carbs. Idle problem? After a couple of carb checks, I get a leak down tester and listen for a leaking valve. It's very often a huge time saver. They won'tr idle right with even the tiniest valve leak, let alone a bigger one.
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I forgot to add an important part of my advise: HEARING the leak takes some experience. On the intake side at least and it is usually the intake side that is leaking in my experience, if you are not sure if you are hearing a valve whistle, squirt so brake cleaner in the port. You will hear the bubbling for sure! If you have a leaking intake valve that is! Good luck!

Thanks, you not the first one to mention this. I am not familiar with just how to do it. Anyway I went and bought new O rings again and have fitted them and reset mixture screw back to recommendations of 1 -1/4 turns out. This causes a miss on both exhausts. I the adjusted them by ear out to the highest idle on each carb. This was done without the throttle and choke cables connected and the idle screw adjusted way out....

The bike idles nice and constant but a tad too high about 1100 rpm??? The left carb is better but you can just about close the mixture screw all the way in before it faulters to die.

I then use a single dial vacuum gauge to check and compare the reading from the left and right carbs. I got them petty close to the same and then stuffed it up a bit and stopped because I was concerned of overheating. On returning I connected the home made manometer. Which was once again had the oil sucked out of it on one side as soon as I started it. Right now I think I must blamed the home made manometer, which is 1/4 inch in diameter (too big I think) and about 8 m long with a short piece of 5/32 ID tubing fitted in the pipe which fits perfectly over the pickup. Maybe the larger diameter and then the smaller diameter make it too sensitive to use especially if there is the slightest of imbalance.

Yes I have done a compression test a time back and it was pretty good.

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