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Brought the newly machined stem over to my buddies to use his hydraulic press and pop the stem from my CBR project out of the Emig triples and press in the new stem I made. Dropped in the bearings and brought it home today to test. I'm going to need to take it out again and make up a thin spacer to add under the bottom bearing to drop the lower triple away from the head tube a little as the clearance was too close. Other than adding a dust cap to the top, that project is done for now.

This is the cockpit from the CBR I swapped over. Debating how I'm going to set this bike up. I would like some wind protection and am think I might go rally fairing like the KTM 640. If I go that direction I will put the stock gauges in the dash along with a GPS. If I decide to go lightweight I will run the Trailtech with the Vapor.

Front end mocked up. This is essentially the exact setup I will run. 320mm Braking rotor, Braking caliper and Braking MC. Wheel is a stock KTM 21/1.85" Excel. Forks are from an 05 KTM RFS bike. I will probably rebuild them with fresh seals and bushings and new oil. I do have some 0.58 springs I bought for the CBR but never installed.

It's amazing how fast you can move on a project when you keep the custom work to a minimum and try and use smart solutions. I originally wanted to make a new tank up front and a new seat, but that is a TON of work. I threw the seat on this bike and had my hands on the bars for the first time. Feels really good. Obviously I am going to be going with a custom location for the footpegs so I put my feet where I thought they should be. In an ideal situation I would have the tank shorter by an couple inches and the seat forward the same, but it's really pretty good.

Because I decided to stay with the stock tank but still want 6 gallons, I picked up a Rotopax 1.75G aux tank and mounting kit. I will be trimming the stock seat pan as well as refoaming it so that Rotopax will be closer to the subframe than I am holding it. I will make some simple hoops for Wolfman Luggage like JD is Rocking, the Rotopax will be inboard of those and the exhaust will be similar on the other side.

This is in the general vicinity of where I want the pegs. I will probably end up getting some steel plate cut that I will weld to the existing frame and then support from the underside with a welded strut to the frame spar holding the engine mounts. Should be very rugged. Shifter will pivot off the tapped hole in the end of the tube you see and run a linkage to the stock shifter that I will cut.

I also did some more figgering on the chain alignment. With the spacer inboard of the CS sprocket pulled out and the CS sprocket slid as far as it will go, I am 3/8" from perfect alignment. I currently have a 1/8" spacer on the rear sprocket so I will probably get a new one waterjet cut from 3/8" plate. Might have to do a little dremeling on the swingarm to clearance the teeth but I think I am ok. I will also source some high strength bolts to make sure I don't have any issues and back them up with locknuts.

So I think I will try the swingarm centered for now but leave myself a wide top shock mount so I can shift it over if I decide to go the offset wheel route at a later date. Does mean I will be cutting the top spar on the subframe and remaking that, but fairly minor.

I'm really cruising along on this build. It's amazing how fast things can go when you have a couple builds under your belt. Things are just apparent to me now where as before I would spend days thinking through how I would do something.
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