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Originally Posted by procycle View Post
Really! Removing the clutch isn't that big a deal. Nothing to be afraid of! Plus, it's an opportunity to inspect the steel plates for hot spots and the clutch basket fingers for wear. It doesn't take any more time to remove the clutch than it takes to dink around grinding tools and turning little screws 1/12 of a turn at a time. Once you have the clutch cover off it only makes sense to inspect everything you can while you're in there.
Alright, so how about a block of wood through the rear wheel to keep it from turning, then just unbolting the center clutch basket bolt?

I guess that's not too difficult... I just don't want to have to buy a clutch tool I may only use once or twice. I have an old-school torque wrench that will get it back to about 36 ft/lbs, give or take... ten, lol.
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