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Originally Posted by thetourist View Post
Oy, Big get-off. Glad you're OK.

My own experience is that the front fender may have been at fault. High fender is a big windsail. Mine has "flapped" at 85mph while going thru a road cut. Definitely got my attention.

I sat on your bike and it is sprung plenty heavy. With big luggage, and all, there may be a touch more rear sag. I'm guessing some aero between front fender - new luggage - passing truck caused the wobble.

I remember your tires at Hells Canyon had serious wedges from wear. Were the current tires worn? This can cause some funny stuff.

What I am saying is that the bike is/was probably fine. You should check for plumb and square after the crash.

Perhaps, maybe, sorta, you should slow down a bit. This, from a serious speed freak. Speed is very addicting and very unforgiving, if you step across the edge.

I run 18-20 front and 20-24 rear and carry 400lbs on the bike.

Go to Mexico !!!

Baja is Mexico light. Lots of gringos and everyone is used to tourists and our bad spanglish. You can handle the gravel on the Sea of Cortez side, but all pavement is still a great ride. TJ has horrible traffic. Alamagordas (sp) near Yuma was the easiest crossing. Douglas AZ was also very easy, with everything done in one bldg.

Hang in there.

The front tire looks fine, but the rear tire's getting pretty bald. I plan on replacing it while I'm here in Phoenix. What is the best way to check for 'plumb and square' on these bikes? I've read a couple things involving string and the wheels and it seemed pretty confusing. I don't think the fender is at fault, as like I said, I've gone pretty damn fast unloaded. The only thing that really changed was the steering head bearings and the luggage, so that's what I'm investigating first.

For the most part I go pretty slow, unless I've got a reason to go faster. I go fast when chasing somebody, when passing vehicles (it was a two-lane highway with hills, I needed to pass the semi before the next hill, with cars oncoming but far off), or, very rarely, to see what the bike/I am capable of in a situation that seems safe. On a normal occasion you'll find me going 10 over at worst, usually doing at the speed limit or just above it. I think that this fits within normal behavior - I did no worse when I was driving cars, and it's certainly not bombing through canyons doing 80 like a squid or whatever. I just don't talk about the times that I go slow because they are unremarkable to me and not worth mentioning, unless I'm creeping along going 20.

Thanks for the tips on Mexico! I am slowly filing things away if/when I do go there. :)

Originally Posted by Ratman View Post
Fey, I'm glad to see that your RRs are showing up again. BTW your last pictures look great....why don't you post them at the larger size? You prolly have a good reason, but....

I can see that you don't know what to do about the wheel wooble.....and that you are getting plenty of advise, but all of it is iffy, whether it will help you or not.

I see 2 things that you can do that will most likely cure the problem. Put a fork brace on it or a steering dampener. Steering dampeners are $400ish, and fork braces are $100ish. Either of those things will stop a tankslapper from ever happening. Me, I'd go with the fork brace.....

I broke my wrist out at Moab. My VA doctor said that I should have it looked at. I took the chance and ignored her. It took most of a year to get over the pain from the slight break. It'll just take more time than you can imagine.

No need to stop riding....Just get someone to help you pick the bike up....there's always someone, and start looking for campsites sooner in the day.

There's an ADVrider out there that will put you up for a couple weeks while you work on the bike.

Good luck.
I leave them as thumbnails that people can click on to get to the larger size for a couple reasons.

1) That's how it appears on my blog and I am lazy when I crosspost things elsewhere. I could generate slightly larger thumbnails, but that would require fiddling with things.

2) In theory, my hosting plan contains unlimited bandwidth and storage. However, having worked for a competing company in the same field, if my website starts creating undue server load, I suspect that my services will be suspended and I'll be kindly asked to fix it or get a virtual private server, with non-unlimited bandwidth and storage, because I am being a nuisance. I prefer not to find out if this is a correct assumption, and err on the side of decreased server load, optimizing things where I can. Every time the page loads, for each person, the photos have to be served from my server, and it's a lot easier to serve small images than larger ones.

3) Speaking of which, the full size for most of these images is 500-800k. My posts tend to have 10-20 images each. Some of the pages of this RR have multiple posts. On the conservative side, that means that a page of this thread with three posts of mine and full sized images will be 15 megs. Not everybody is on broadband, and I try to respect that. I know how annoying it can be when I'm reading other people's reports on a McDonalds connection and they have tons of 1mb+ photos. Plus, the full sizes are pretty big, like, off the page big. I like them that way, you can see all the detail, and browsers generally resize them to the size of your screen if you view them individually, but embedded they aren't as nice.

I managed to make it to Phoenix, where my parents live, and I've been recovering there. Not much has been done on the bike, and won't until I get a rough ETA on when I should start putting load on the wrist again (probably tomorrow). I'll probably hit up the regional forum and see if anybody around here can help me untweak the rack, or knows somebody who can.

I think I'll try weight redistribution before a fork brace, mostly because that solution is free. I'll do some testing out in the desert and we'll see if that fixes it, along with the other minor checks (steering head nut, wheel true/balance).

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Wow! You are seriously organized! Very nice travel kit, good tools and parts, great camping gear. Looks like the kit from someone who's been on the road for years. Major Kudos!
Have you managed to weigh all your gear?
Thanks! I have not. I could probably just use a bathroom scale and tally things up, but I'd like to get a weigh in of the bike and me and all my crap in total. Any suggestions? At a rough guess I'd say around 100 lbs of stuff, the cans feel like they're about 40 lb apiece, I have no difficulty carrying them.
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