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Originally Posted by RicH2 View Post
Hey Feyala....Love the last three letters of your name....ROLL TIDE !!!
Hey Ric! I feel bad that I had to look this up, but it was made up for by that youtube commercial I found. My nickname is actually just a randomly-generated internet handle that I've had for yeaaaars.

Been enjoying some of your ride. On the maintenance front, and possibly associated with the tank slapper, I'd suggest (if others haven't already)...

Check the swing arm bolt torque.
Check your spokes.
I did the swingarm myself (and all the linkages) with a torque wrench, so they're all proper, but I haven't checked spokes for a while, so I'll add that to the list when I start messing with the front end.

Quote: 17 yr old daughter is admiring your tenacity. Your life may be having an impact you hadn't considered.

Anyway.....have fun and be safe......
Make sure to remind her that I'm technically a bum with slightly more resources!

Originally Posted by RicH2 View Post
My daughter suggests this may be bear slobber.....LOL....

Kinda of a scary thought !!!
I didn't hear any bears, but I might have slept through it!

Originally Posted by pigpen View Post
Back on track to your ride report! Just read the whole enchilada, subscribed! Sorry about jumping in your photo...hehe
Fey chased us all night and day to get to Hell's Canyon! I know as hit 108 trying to chase down S1 and asrivor. She has come a long way since then! Doug Bar was huge for her back last summer! It was fun to watch her speak of the ride before w/ trepidation then after she got back she was so pumped about it. Some of those corners have huge cliffs off the road.... not for the faint of heart. Keep going girl! Your writing style has developed nicely and your knowledge of motorcycling has increased amazingly quickly. Is alex back in town yet? If so and you have not solved the DR's bobblehead dilemma have him call me, I have some idea's to start with on this, but you will need someone with a good wrist to perform some tests... heal quickly.
Hey, good to see you here! Yeah, I wasn't going quite as fast as you guys, especially around those sharp corners, but that was a pretty peppy ride, haha!

It will be interesting, if I am able to make it to Hells Canyon next year, to see how I handle Dug Bar differently...

Thanks for the compliments! Alex is in Baja last I heard, and I'm in Phoenix AZ.

Originally Posted by Warin View Post
Feyala when you went backwards down hill .. you only had the front brake to control the speed with, right? Trick - put the bike in gear, engine stopped and use the clutch leaver as a rear brake ... makes it much more controllable! Oh lean the bike against your hip rather than take the weight through your arms and down your back, your much stronger through the hip. As always - try it first, may not work for you.
Using the clutch is a good tip, I didn't think about it at the time. I tend to use both arms and hip when supporting the bike, I'm more worried about the bars twisting out of my hands and the bike falling as a result, it seems more stable when supported that way.

Originally Posted by FoothillRyder View Post
Another nicely detailed and well documented (pics are fantastic!) ride, Fey. Thanks for posting the report!
Thanks, and no problem. That's what I'm here for!

Originally Posted by just jeff View Post
Hi Feyala!
I have been following along for a bit and am loving your ride report. I was just reading your last edition and had an idea. What about starting a second thread for the discussion/debate/replies to keep the ride report thread cleaner? That could be an interesting thread on its own.
Regards and keep it coming either way!....justjeff
Hey Jeff! I've thought about doing this, but in some cases, the replies are part and parcel of the story. I wouldn't have gone to Death Valley if it weren't for Ratman, for example. I think it will be OK as long as we can keep it mostly on topic and not branch out into politics and religion again, but sometimes such things happen.

Originally Posted by boboneleg View Post
Great to see you out and about Feyala, I wish we had the wide and open spaces over here but this is a small and crowded island. Having said that there are still a few places you can get to by bike and enjoy the silence

cheers, Bob.
Hi Bob! Yeah, the wide open spaces are definitely something I missed when I was in Denmark. I've heard Italy and Germany have some lovely wilderness though! Someday I will see for myself.
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