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Originally Posted by EOD3MC View Post
More importantly, I want to avoid being the guy everyone talks about at the end of the race...with most comments starting with "that idiot"
Not to dishearten you, but you may be that guy anyway. Before I did some desert races out here I thought I was pretty hot shit (or at least not a speed bump) on a motorcycle, especially since I am fairly competitive in mountain bike racing (in the equivalent of class "B"). Nooooooo, it's a whole different world out there. Even the "C" guys I race against out here are a class apart from me in skill. I need a class "D", for "dumbass".

Don't let that stop you from trying, it's still a hell of a lot of fun. You just need to be realistic in your goals and make sure you aren't riding too far over your head. I did that in a race up near Gallup and nearly ended my race after going over the bars pretty hard in a wash.

Originally Posted by EOD3MC View Post
Any suggestions or experience you veterans are willing to share to help me keep that from happening?
I'm hardly a veteran, but remember to have fun.

You will probably be more exhausted than you have ever been by the end. Remember to drink water while you ride. Stop if you have to in order to drink. It isn't worth the 5 seconds you'll lose doing so to end up dehydrated and in heat stroke. To finish first, you must first finish.

I have no idea how the classes run out there, but if you find yourself severely left in the dust, you might try just racing vanilla C class. A lot of times in bicycle racing the 40+ class is just a bunch of ex-pros who don't want to have to compete against the young pros.
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