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Rossi vs JL

Many an opinion to be considered here and doubtless time will have all the answers re Rossi in 2013.
As much as I would like to see Rossi take another title I believe it's going to be a hard ask for him next year.
All things considered these riders get up and walk away from most encounters with 'Terra Firma' but to get back into it with fervor after a broken leg, 'issues' with the Ducati (perceived or real) and impending age (we all get slower with age and these guys will be no different) would create doubt in anyones mind re their ability to deliver in the premier class.
Rossi has shown he can deliver when all the factors line up so here's hoping he still has some of the magic that disappeared on the Ducati.
These riders are for the greater part made of stuff the rest of us mere mortals were not endoured with so here's hoping for some podium finishes for Rossi.
If for no other reason he can be/is entertaining and since his absense from the podium most post race rider debriefs have been boring IMHO!
Pedrosa's new found fervor in the closing stages of this year made for some sadly lacking excitement so hopefully Rossi and the new suspects can add some variety to the podium.
We (and the sport) will all benefit from the outcome regardless.

My 2C worth

2013 - must check on dates!

Merry Xmas to all.
Have a safe one and looking forward to input from the learned lurkers and posters during the 2013 season.

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