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I am familiar with the starter motor relay, however I am leery of breaking fuses or other fiddly connected bits as this is not an intended "jump point". Is this a valid concern?
No problem. The connections to the starter motor relay are very hi current (think in the 100 amp range) - no fuses! And they are big and reasonably robust. And under the right side cover ... (left on a KLR)

Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Those are some good ideas! I guess I'm just afraid of losing parts if they're in various places, you don't have any issues with things vibrating loose?
Use nylock nuts, You won't be using them frequently so a little extra time here is not too much of a worry. I use longer bolts - that way the thing will be very loose and noisy before the nut (and parts) ever leave. If you have the space longer bolts work well. Don't over look these as sacrificial bit to use as nuts/bolts for other stuff that may have fallen off.

My DR manual specifies engine oil for the air filter... and I use that for the filter skin too.

A ratchet wrench has a clicking thingy that allows the handle to turn in one direction while the nut/bolt stays still. That clicking thingy is a weak point. For something requiring a lot of pressure you are better off with a plain ring spanner or a socket (6 point will be better than 12 point - number of star points inside the socket) and plain Tee bar. They are also cheaper than a ratchet.

Tubes .. I've had one go off - stored too long in one of those front fender bags out in the hot OZie sun. It cracked where the sharp bends were.

The 'spare nuts and blots' are something you make up yourself. You want the essentials - those that hold on the leavers, handle bars, may be the ones that hold on the engine, rear shock, ... you want one or two of each type... with experience you'll find out what bolts tend to get loose on the bike ... having found them you'll be able to check them every so often on your bike.

You can get diesel in small quantities at a gas station .. same as you can get gas in small quantities. Need a large entry container.

We all have different things ... because our experience, time and place of purchase and budgets are all different. Different does not mean wrong.

Getting things in small quantities is a problem. Solutions can be simple. Small quantities of flour might be had from an RVer. Solvents for cleaning the chain, local garage mechanic. People like to help, give them the opportunity.
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