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The only things I can add are that (1) I live in Floriduh where it can get hot. (80F this afternoon and more of the same for the past week and the upcoming week). (2) Because its warm here most of the time I use a shop fan in front of the bike when doing tuneups. And (3) On a ADV road trip a couple of years ago I got stuck in Friday afternoon downtown Atlanta I-75 stop and go traffic - due to my own poor timing. At the time I was doing an experiment to quantify oil loss and blowby on long highway trips, which my ST doesn't like in warm weather. I had routed the central breather hose out through the side of the airbox and into a catch bottle. Over about a 600 mile run both at speed and the stop and go, the engine blew out about 8 oz of oil, but only about 2 cc collected in the bottle. At the hottest and worst of the stop & go in ATL I could see the blowby vapors literally shooting back out of the catch can. Strictly as hot oil smelling vapors.

Oh yeah, the motor did and still does pull 150 psi/146 psi when fully warmed up. Somewhere in the mid 40K mileage range on the bike/motor.

I was amazed at the increase in blowby at high temps and all rpms from idle on up, and the fact that most oil seemed to be lost as vapor. Doesn't do it much at all under less strenuous riding conditions.

But like many airheads, it does tend to oil the left carb a bit.

Nothing earth shattering in these observations, but interesting to me.
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