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Kymcos are a good scooter. I own an agility 125 that is made in china. The quality is a little lower than the jap makers. That said it is half the price also. I purchased mine used and have had no problems with it. It performs as well as the Yamaha Zuma 125. As stated the resale is poor. That is a good thing though if you buy used. I paid $900 for my 2008 agility 125. If it was a jap make it would have been $2000 or close to it. I do not plan on selling it. It will probably only get a couple thousand miles a year so it should last a long time. The 250 cc size is the sweet spot for scooters in my opinion. Milage is still good and you can take a trip if you want to. My son drives a Honda Reflex 250 around san diago year round. It is his favorite transpertation around the city. He takes the freeway all the time with it and can do 75 mph with no problems. He puts about 10,000 mile per year on it. He figures that he saves $50 a week on fuel and 4 - 5 hours a week of time by driving the scooter around the city.
Honda's are by far the most reliable and longest lasting of the Japanese scoots. I consider Yamaha to be the best of the rest. The very long valve adjustment intervals indicate to me the inherent durability of the 400's engine. Suzuki's are still worthwhile bikes to own and I've had my share but they are a distant third. Too many electrical problems for my liking.

My Taiwan built SYM 263 has proved to be the most reliable bike that I have owned since my bulletproof Honda twins in the early 70's. I don't expect the SYM to be as durable as the best of the Honda's that I have owned, but I could be wrong. It took my Citycom 20,000 km to fully run in and run it's best. That to me is the sign of a very durable and under stressed design if left stock. I'm really impressed with the ceramic SYM's.

My FLD ( Friendly local dealer ) who is going out of business and doesn't have an ax to grind; told me that the Chinese SYM's just don't compare in terms of assembly or trouble free reliability. They are not mainland junk; just not nearly as good. I also would have no problem buying a Taiwan Kymco and I especially like the idea of Taiwan reliability in the new BMW's.

Compared with my personal experience with German BMW, it is bound to be an improvement.
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