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for those that discount the improvement of upgrading the forks

Yes you can ride most places with the stock forks. they are soft and tend to be harsh for 2 reasons, 1 they bottom out 2 they hydrolock

yes the hyperpro/ heavier oil does give some improvement (no personal experience)

going to the traxxion forks was a night/day improvement. IMHO there is no bigger bang for the buck on this bike.

there is a local dirt/gravel road that was brutal at 35mph, it felt like a jackhammer. After I put the Traxxion Forks (their "Extreme Offroad" setup) I had to slow down at 50MPH, I had to look to see if the road had been grade recently it was so smooth. I find even on pavement I am willing to ride 15-20mph faster

I agree with Loutre, " It depends on what you are doing with your bike."

BUT I probably wouldn't spend the money until you really want to, it is not a cheap upgrade
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