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GM Shoddiness & Crappy Build & Materials Quality

Never before in my life did I actually believe that a car would be built to last only 150 or 200k miles so you had to purchase again.
Then I owned a GM.
Biggest. Piece. Of. Cheaply. Built. Failure. I've ever had to deal with.
Never again.
Bad starter selenoid. Leaking sunroof vents. Broken door interface switch. Broken sunroof tracks. Bad front suspension. Blown head gasket. All before 135k miles.
Screw you GM.
Starter solenoid would freeze due to the dielectric grease GM used. Apparently they did not test it below 28*f (Common, no recall, car will leave you stranded, Nytelytette was late to work several times from this before we figured it out). Sunroof vents failed because GM failed to put $.01 zip ties to hold the tubes to the drains. (Common, no TSB, will soak the seats and ruin the interior). Sunroof tracks were made out of some plastic that turns to dust after being in the sun and break, leaving a gaping hole in your roof that you cannot seal. (its on the roof of the car, COME ON!? Pay an engineer to think of this crap!!)
Vehicle was properly maintained (Oil, filter, lubrication, vehicle needs were all done on time per the recommended service interval). All of these problems were due to poor build quality, poor material choice, and crappy workmanship. Bought a Toyota, its sitting in my driveway next to a VW.

We got a VERY good deal on a 2012 RAV4, also Nytelytette's first new car, 9 miles when we got in it, even test drove a different one so my abusive "How fast is it? How good are the brakes? Does it slide around this corner at way too fast?" were on a different car. She's thrilled, got the color & trim we wanted (4wd, 4cyl, auto, BT, all the rear cubbies, good stereo), we have our planned vehicle for kids and our dog (and a little trailer for our bikes) and hopefully this will be reliable and efficient for us for a good while.

Also, if anyone in the area is interested, I had the best dealership experience I've had at Hatfield Toyota in Columbus, OH. I can't recommend them enough. (For salesman's name PM me, its worth it if you are in the market).

GM sucks balls, explode and kick puppies. Glad we've sold it, bought a Toyota, very happy.
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