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there are good days and bad days....

well, today was a good day when it comes to hanging out with friends, and a bad day to operate motor-vehicles

first,l on the way to meet the guys, somebody thought it's a good idea to speed up if you see a yellow light in the distance...I tried to floor it to get out of his way, but he still got me and spun me out into the field (luckily I have witnesses that I had a green light).

Great start to the day

so, starting late and after getting lost for a bit, we finally made it... but apparently somebody forgot to get gas . Luckily I had enough.

btw - wearing shorts in December, one less thing to complain about.

the light is patent pending....

b00t and HalcyonDaze

sorry, didn't get any shots from the trail.

Somehow I manged to stop on the wrong and steep, snoody spot... and slid backwards, and a bit more, and more, and more till I finally fell over . No big deal, but every-time I tried to pick up the bike, I kept sliding out in the mud and and landing on my butt . So, after many tries and help I got back on the bike and made it up the hill... to follow it with a curtsey/synchronized drop for Rick (that, or run over him). I think that's where I grabbed the bike wrong and accidentally pulled the seat out of the tabs - which I discovered on top of the hill in a big whoops when the seat came off and I binned it hard .

That was pretty much also the time when the bike started reffing up like nuts, and reacting very strange to the throttle/clutch (just like the ride on Buffalo Mt.) . So, I pretty much coasted downhill the second half of the 9 mile loop while holding down the seat with my ass.. (oh, and there where maybe one or two more drops ). Not sure which one was the reason for the stargazing bark-busters

Needless to say, I forgot to take pics till I was back:

so, I decide to chill instead and hang out with Rick and whoever didn't do a loop.

just before he got bit...

and with his new best friend a few minutes later

ohh - and at least it wasn't my bike on the side this time

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