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Originally Posted by localmoto View Post
oh ya today was fun...

sorry about your colisions today,, wish your bike was/is running better,,hope is just a dirty carb or hose= some thing fairly simple,, ok next time!!

thanks for -ALL- doing the grill-n an watching after my little vicious attack dog = i bout fell on floor laughing at those pixs (an your coments,, but really hope he didn't hurt any one too bad)...

again nice to meet those ,who haven't met before,, nice rideing with you all......
hope to do again!!

hello again - glad you could make it out! I'll be back next spring for sure (aiming for less "ass-over-teakettle).

and my "in-house mechanic" (aka BDXMPL) has a much better theory about the reffing issue than I do: bad clutch plates or throw-out-bearing. Makes more sense than what I came up with...
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