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Thanks guy! Just to make it clear: I don't have any issues with a clutch operation while riding the bike. It's just a weird "clunk" sound coming out off a clutch basket. Happens only once (first time I squeeze a clutch lever) after the bike cools down. I wonder if it's normal (means, many others experience the same "clunk") or it's a sign of a problem? The clunk occurs at the very beginnig of the clutch lever traveling, just "buh!", like something were stuck together and got loose.
I could try to ask my dealer, but I know their reaction in advance: "It's normal!". That's the dealer's usual reply as long as a bike still running... Plus, it'd be hard for me to demonstrate the issue to them, because I need to ride the bike to the dealership, wait 2 - 3 hours till the engine cools down completely and then I have just one chance to replicate the "clunk" sound. Because, it never happens on a second, third, etc. attempt.
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