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Installing and tuning a Rekluse Z-start Pro in a 2009 TE610

Here's a link to the complete thread on CafeHusky.

If I'd had any experience with Rekluse Z-start pro before, it would have been a simple, issue free installation. Still I was able to fumble through it in a day including three tuning tweaks of about an hour each. Result, Extremely light clutch disengagement via the clutch lever. Bike sits still at idle, starts rolling immediatly with appliation of throttle. Snapping the throttle open from standing still is pretty much like you would do manually EXCEPT YOU HAVE ALL FINGERS ON THE HANDLE BAR. In a tight woods or rock section, that alone is worth the ALL IN price of $639 (including shipping). Best part is you don't have to suffer the tuning tweaks if you've got a 2009 TE610. The clutch is a STOCK Rekluse part, RMS-856 It's packaged for the Husky WR250 2stroke, plus TC, TE and TXC 450/510 from 2006 - 2010. Rekluse didn't even know the TE610 existed when they released this clutch, and since their market is more geared to motocross and endurocross, the 610 has remained off their radar screen. Despite what I've read elsewhere, they were VERY helpful during the three calls I placed before buying, and they are quite interested in what I learned during the install.

Everything about a heavy bike is easier if you have both hands FULLY on the bars. It actually "feels" lighter in the tight stuff.

Thirty day love it or return it guarantee is hard to argue with... try one.

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Awesome! please post a link here as well What was the total cost?
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