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Ha! I accidentally hit the submit button before I got it all up so continuing

There is no shortage of old barns and such.

Gettin' tired of barns yet? Just one more

It's been cool at night but the road seems to be thawing out some but I had to be careful as it was slick in the shade under that little layer of wet mud

Anybody recognize this lake?

Ok, this ain't a barn...heck it ain't even a house

Oh yeah...log barns!!!

Ok, you guessed it..this is Barnville

I bet you can't even see this in the summer.

Somebody has decorated their private drive really nice.

End of state maintenance when you seen the boxes huddled up.

Is this about a '56 Ford or that vintage I guess.

Nother view of the lake.

In the following pic: Wonder how this got it's name? If you look at the mountain ahead of me, I plan to go up that road you see up there or at least I am looking for one that may turnoff just before where you see that road. I have been here before, about 40 years ago, several times actually, to get down to a creek that feeds that lake to do some fly fishing. The Smoky Mtn Park boundary is on the top of that ridge.....WAY up there. I was on a little dirt bike back then but I am wondering if the old road is open now...probably posted...

Hmmm...nother possible tag shot ain't it?

View from up at that road

Well, as it turns out, this is a fairly new road and is private I think and I saw the one I wanted but it's posted. i have some ideas so I may make a few phone calls another day. Ok, headed out of this little community...

Now this barn has been built totally si-gogglin' ( thats local fer crooked 'er sideways) and the curves around here are so severe that they are right angles..look at that sign!

Can you believe...another barn

My mother always asked me if I was raised in a barn.....right after I tracked up her nice clean wood floors!

Dang, guess ya'll are gettin' barned out

I am going to have to send mtngal to a barn-therapist..she took all these...not me!


Well, this is the end of our Barnventure! Sorry! Til next time...
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