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Back at it today as promised. I rolled the engine over to the workbench and got busy.

Removed three clutch bolts and screwed the longer, 2" bolts with spacers in for removing the tension from the spring plate:

All this time, the thing I was missing was an impact driver to remove the clutch bolts. I had tried it with a breaker bar and almost stripped one of the clutch bolts out, so I quit. I had been waiting for a good time to load everythriing up and head to my father-in-law's house to use his air tank and tools. Then my brother-in-law told me he had a batter powered impact driver that I could borrow. That sounded much easier than moving everything across town, so here it is:

And it worked damn well too. Everything was going splendidly until I stripped this clutch bolt out - probably the same one I started to strip with the breaker bar.

I worked on it for probably 20 or 30 minutes. I thought about drilling it out, but wanted to try other methods first. I've had good luck with hammering a 1mm larger star wrench head into stripped allen bolts, so that's what I did. It took many tries - hammer the star head in, hit it with the impact. Repeat. Again, and again, and again! It finally gave though. Here it is, the little bolt that could:

I slowly backed the long bolts off and the pressure ring, spacers, diaphragm spring, and pressure plate came off easily.

My first peak at the flywheel:

I used Papa's old license plate to hold the flywheel in place while I removed the bolts.

The bolts came off easily, but the flywheel wouldn't budge once the bolts were out. I ended up having to run to Lowe's to buy some angle iron, which I mounted like this to pull the flywheel out:

Worked like a charm.

I love the radial oil tracks proving that the bike had a leaking main seal (as if I needed further proof - the crud above the rear motor mount had already told the story!). You can see the crud at the bottom of this picture:

It doesn't look great here, but after a few shots of engine degreaser and some light wiping, it looked much, much better.

Next onto the oil pump seal. The cover came off without problems.

New seal about to go in.

Somehow I got lazy and missed photographing a few steps. Probably because I'm so spooked by installing the rear main seal. All of the horror stories have me worried. It seemed easy enough, and I measured every way that I knew how and the seal seems to be in squarely and seated in the same position as the one that I took out (which was leaking, so it may not have been a great reference!).

I had planned to reassemble everything, but when I pulled out my new flywheel bolts I saw that I had received the wrong ones:

Old one on the right, new on the left. I'll return them to the shop and exchange them for the right ones in a few days, and then start reassembling the engine. Besides installing the engine, this was the last large mechanical thing I planned to do on the project.
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