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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
Well, I think you'll have a problem with finding one guitar that does everything. That's why most of us have more then one guitar. With that said, if you get a neutral guitar and a modeling amp, it will give you some range. It might not sound the best but it will have a wider range. It's probably best to find one sound and work with that.
I'd go along with that. Some of the sounds you mentioned are specific to guitar and amp combos. Although you can play metal with a Gretsch 6120, it's not really designed for that.

I think you're really going to have to play some guitars or have the sales guy play them for you. With different design, two guitars with the same pickup can sound very different. Same thing with amps. Tube/Valve amps vs Solid State amps... There's a lot to choose from. It just depends on what you're looking for. A Vox will sound different then a Marshall, Fender, Peavey, etc... There are certain amps that go better with certain tones.

If I was going to recommend a 'package' I'd probably go with a Squier Classic Vibe (Telecaster or Stratocaster) or a Gibson Les Paul Studio or SG Special and a Fender Blues Junior III.
Pretty much in agreement with the above as well. When having the salesman play - ask him to play with the amp as neutral as possible so you can hear the differences in guitars vs. differences in amp and effects. Once you hear the guitar with the amp in neutral, then listen to the effects the amp can produce and the possibilities for the combo.

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