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Thank for the replies, I'll try ans post up some more touring photos soon.

Charles, it's not that bad, I've been with him all year and am numb to the music, like always. That's the problem with touring, once you work with a band their music is tainted for life... Never was a huge TSP fan, but liked some of his songs. Sleep well during show behind subs under the stage, like a baby.
Though whatever song ends up being the last one of the set becomes a motivator for life. Usually I have a gang of stagehands for my video department, we're all just amped to start load out listening to the last song.

I'm in my bunk, heading to Brooklyn for a 15 camera HD DVD shoot at our show tomorrow. Local One stagehands....
Shit building. Going to be an interesting day.

Want to get LOST!

When we riding when I get home RAZR?....
Photography for me is not about recreating what I saw through
the viewfinder but to show people the way I want to see the world.
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