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More pictures of Long Beach, CA show

LED brake lights. These do not blink (DOT requirement). Notice that the yellow indicator lights (turn signals) have to be large as per DOT when the bike is delivered from the factory.

Standard turn signal for US market

BUT, I was told that you could replace it with LED (which may be brighter) as an option. I saw another bike that had the LED turn signals.

Tires. Your new WC GS will come with one of three different manufacturer tires. Not all bikes will come with Michelin tires as per Press Release. You would only know, when the crate is opened.

Raised GS logo (I am not sure if current GS has raised lettering)

Instrument cluster. It is showing "N" in LCD panel as well as coloured. However, if you change the gear, only the LCD panel will show the gear you are currently in. It was demonstrated to me by the rep.

Here you can see the accessory socket, below the windshield know and to the right of the panel.

Stock seat. It is not smooth, rather you can feel those slightly raised dots.


Miscellaneous pictures

I couldn't figure out the purpose of this plastic thing sticking out on the left side above the cylinder

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