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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
when I leave my house depending on which direction I go I can be at 8 large grocery stores within 10 minutes. 3 of them within 2 miles. I can be at an Ikea in an hour. This guy's got fruit and a table cloth, bread, and god knows what else on hand. I don't. when I'm hungry I go buy something and a lot of it is already prepared. sometimes I have bread around and sometimes I'm too stupid and lazy to pay attention and half of it gets tossed when it gets moldy. I'm thinking my reality and his reality are worlds apart and even with all my american conveniences I could gain a lot more from his than he could from mine.

I think you'll find that rural people and in particular farmers in most parts of the world will have a good supply in their pantry and freezers simply because it is too far to the shops. I know we could probably survive for a couple of months on what my mum has at home.
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