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Originally Posted by pcfpatrol View Post
Thanks for reading and telling us your story too The Friar. You are in Lilydale, I am in Croydon. Maybe one day we can catch up for a trip.
Stay tuned for my next story.... "Three Fools, Three Days, A trip into the 'Gatta" or somthing like that title.
Am learning a lot from reading this forum and getting out there to do stuff.
A bit peed off with Windows changing their video editing software so now I need to buy a program to do editing so I can get YouTube up to date as well as my stories here.
Stay tuned.
Always up for a coffee and a ride. Just let me know. As for making movies, I'm assuming you are running widows 7. If you follow this link you can download windows movie maker and give that a go. Next best I would suggest Adobe Premiere Elements. Really good piece of software, not sure of the cost though.
A trip into the "gatta" that I'll have to read. Obviously we went past the zeka spur track turn off, it was so tempting to have a look. Just as we'll we didn't, we ran out of time as it was. Haven't been in there for the best part of 25 or 30 years. Dying to go back in there.
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