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Originally Posted by terraunbound View Post
I visited our semi-local dealer last Saturday and test rode the F700GS. Compared to my 2001 thumper, there's a whole lot of power and smoothness. And although at the softest preload I could touch the ground, more of my foot needs to be able to on the ground to handle maneuvering, as Robbie expressed a few pages back "I live in an area where every driveway and parking area is gravel and uneven" and I am inseam challenged. It is ridiculous to be unable to walk the bike backwards without hopping and that doesn't cut it on uneven ground.

The dealer is saying that all of the F700GS' coming in are with the Launch Package, which basically adds heated grips. period. nothing else. And that if I want to special order a bike with the Comfort Package or a lowered bike, that I probably won't receive it until spring 2013. Which given that it is mid-October may not be such a bad thing but... I'd like to get a bike now :)

What are you all seeing? Are there 700gs out and about in the US with other packages?

I'm headed back to take another test ride with a low seat, but I'm getting the impression that I'd have to pay full price (or some price) for that seat - which looking at the option list, shows that there should be no extra charge for a low seat. (link to price/options list- thanks Patrick!)

I'm weighing my options though as I don't seek uber-gnarly roads so looking at the Versys and V-strom as other options too.
I read somewhere that they can break the bones in your leg, separate them slightly and they'll grow back together making you a inch or so taller.
Just want to ride.
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