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Originally Posted by thirstybuck View Post
1. How much play is there supposed to be in the countershaft? I expect the response to be "a little"
1b. What do I do if there is "A lot"? But a new front sprocket? The teeth are ok by my standards.
2. How do you get it off?

A “little” play is perfectly normal, even if the engine is new. The extend of “little” is determined by the wear of the countershaft. That’s what a NX250 countershaft looks like after almost 100.000km

The sprocket has worn off quite a bit of material from the countershaft, but it still should be good for a couple of 10.000 kms. If your shaft looks worse than mine, you should consider changing it, in order to avoid something like that in the picture at the bottom . In minor cases it helps changing the fixing plate to reduce the play a bit.
The fixing plate may be also worn or bended, which makes it hard to get it of – than you have to use some force
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