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Originally Posted by ZzyzyxRd View Post
Totally a n00b to guitars so stupid question time.

First off what's the word on Ibanez? They seem to get decent reviews but not really mentioned at all here.

Second, how can you know before purchase where a guitar is made and how much of a real difference does it make?

Third, what is the difference between a 22 fret and a 24 fret and does it make a difference to a beginner?

How well does "Rocksmith" work for tone deaf cretins like me?

I'm looking at this, , don't know if it's a deal or not.

Any and all help is appreciated.
Think of rocksmith as a fun tool.

It can get you actually playing, which is important. Something that's kinda fun to do, ie plonking along to don't fear the reaper for the 4000th time vs doing the minor pentatonic in B for the 4000th time.

It takes care of the tone deaf portion by making you tune your guitar to pretty much where it should be, and checking it before each little activity. A pain in the ass, but needed.

Comes with quite a few songs. as well as has a bunch more with more being added all the time, that are purchasable and playable.
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