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I will toss my two bits in here. I would agree with just about everything said here.

First bit I would say is if you have a buddy that knows guitars take him with you shopping....even if you just know someone friend of a friend ask him....most people I know love to see new people get started....does not matter if they are 6 or 60.

Reason I say this is a sales man is a ....well...salesman....not saying anything bad, but he wants to make a sale...some good some not so good. And the thing with guitars is you will not know what is good....they will all hurt your fingers to start....difference is....a bad guitar will ALWAYS hurt your fingers....or sound like it is played in a puddle of warm mud.

Where it is made makes little difference anymore....cork sniffers will tell you different, but in the end it really makes little difference. There are some VERY good Squire guitars out there for $300....and I think if you stay shopping in that range you will get a good guitar.

Rocksmith is a good game that will help you learn and keep learning fresh....and that is the real problem...after a little while you don't feel like you are getting anywhere....everytime you play even if it is just for 2 minutes before work you are taking steps down the path. Rocksmith makes some of the practice fun.

I would say learn what kind of sounds you like....if you like ACDC and VH you are going to want one thing...if chuck berry and eddie cochran are more your thing....well that is something different....thing is it is all fun to play....there are good guitars that are mid ranged price out there.

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Totally a n00b to guitars so stupid question time.

First off what's the word on Ibanez? They seem to get decent reviews but not really mentioned at all here.

Second, how can you know before purchase where a guitar is made and how much of a real difference does it make?

Third, what is the difference between a 22 fret and a 24 fret and does it make a difference to a beginner?

How well does "Rocksmith" work for tone deaf cretins like me?

I'm looking at this, , don't know if it's a deal or not.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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