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Originally Posted by ZzyzyxRd View Post
I guess it would probably be easier to say what I want it for and see what kind of consensus I get.

I'd like a decent guitar that has a lot of range. I can't (never had a guitar) play a lick but my taste in music ranges from Junior Brown to Primus to Santana to Social D. Love me some Johnny Cash too.

That is more and less than the "sound" I'm looking for.
I'm going to throw this out there................

Your first post had a bit to do with an Ibanez rig. One of the things that made Ibanez take off like a rocket was that a majority of their guitars had a humbucker---single coil---humbucker pickup configuration hooked to a 5 position switch. The way most of them are wired allows you to get a wide variety of sounds that, while not exactly like some of the tones you're referring to, come pretty damned close. The switch works like so:

Position 1: Neck a Les Paul.
Positiion 2: Half the neck humbucker (making it a single coil) wired out of phase to the center single a Strat in position 2.
Position 3: The center single coil pickup on it's a Strat in the the center position and sort of like a Tele
Position 4: Half the bridge humbucker (making it a single coil) wired out of phase to the center single a Strat in position 4
Position 5: Bridge a Les Paul

Like I said, these won't sound exactly like some of the tones you're talking about, but it makes for an incredibly diverse and versatile range of tones that can pretty closely emulate many of the tones found on the Holy Trinity of classic guitars: Les Paul, Strat, and Tele. That and a generally thinner neck that their American counterparts are why Ibanez took off so fast when they finally came to the States.
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