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Pretty much any guitar with dual hums and the ability to tap them can go from "stratish" to almost Les Paul...and that is a loooooong list really.

There are a few qualities that make up the tones of standard guitars.

For the Strat its the maple bolt on neck, that neck makes the guitar extremely bright, Strats have a high bright tone with a bit of twang (single coil) that is relatively distinctive. There are many many variations of course, but the maple nech strat is the "the strat" sound. Telecaster is much the same, bright toned wood body, and a single coil and you get the Tele twang that a LOT of guys die for.

The Les Paul is "the log" maple over mahogany and about 20lbs of it with bond on rosewood neck and the hottest pickups you can find. They weight a frigging ton and have a deep rounded sound that no other guitar maker has manged to nail without getting sued for copyright infringement.

Basically every other solid body maker falls into one of the "strat copy" or "paul copy" camp. Paul Reed Smith said straight out when he started his line, he was trying to get the best qualities of both the Les Paul and the Stratocaster. At task he succeeded admirably at. however, clean a Custom 22 doesn't quite have the fullness of a Les Paul Custom, and the necks don't carry the highs of a Strat.

.....this is why people have 5 guitars.
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