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Day 13, contunued

From Mug Shots

Day 13 update from Jeff

Day 13 started after a good night sleep inside our tents, inside a warming hut tent in Tombstone campground. We earned a good night sleep after traveling down the Dempster Highway the previous day. It was a workout with all the rain and mud. Some of our group was sleeping in another warming hut that had a wood burning stove. A nice fire and tables to make coffee and cook breakfast on was a real treat to start the day.

The days ride started in very cool weather with the sun overhead starting to warm the surroundings. The road conditions were much better with hardly any major mud to deal with. As we reached the end of the Dempster Highway we arrived at a gas station/ market with a coin operated car wash. We fueled the bikes and began to try and loose some major mud off the bikes with the car wash. Spent some major Loonies and Toonies (Canadian Coin) getting our bikes clean. The mud had done a major number on our rear brake pads. The rear pads were almost gone. If I ever do that road again, carrying a spare pair of rear brake pads would be a necessity to carry.

From Arctic Wolf Day12

We rode into Dawson City to see some sights, resupply and get a bite to eat. After doing some sight seeing we started our ride down to Carmacks to set up camp and spend the night. The scenery was spectacular as we made our way. We were warned by folks at gas stops to be very careful because other bikers had crashed on the very road we were traveling. Patches of gravel caused others to fall before us and get defaced out of the area. We traveled the road without any mishaps or issues.

From Arctic Wolf Day13

We arrived in Carmacks mid afternoon. Went to town for fuel and did some shopping for our cook off potluck event we planned for the evening. The plan was to cook in teams and have a feast while sharing food with each other. After arriving at the campsite right on the river we were had a pleasant surprise; Jeffrey who had driven the chase truck that day had set up our tents after arriving before us. We had a shower, great meal, visited with a couple that was on a 7 day canoe trip, also met 4 guys riding bicycles that sat and enjoyed our campfire and we shared some of our food with them.

After a great day that ended with wonderful food, drink and company we settled into our tents while listening to the roar of the river we were camping next to. We even lucked out by now having major mosquito issue to deal with for a nice change. What a great day and even a better night's sleep.
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