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airhead front crank bearing

On a junk crank I have laying around, I went to pull off the front bearing to then remove the timing gear. I has not been my impression that this bearing is usually much trouble to remove. This crank has been out of service for 8 years, but isn't rusty. I put my three legged puller on the bearing and started putting the pressure to it, but got nothing. I then got out the propane torch and gave the bearing more and more heat, but still got nowhere. Since this is a junk crank, and will never again be used as a crankshaft, I went for the OA torch, surely that will get it. More and more heat, tightening my puller harder than seemed prudent. The balls and inner race were glowing brightly but still not budging. The puller's hub broke, and the bearing is still in place.

This was all very interesting, and an eye-opener. I have been planning to replace the timing chain and crank gear on my /5 this winter, but after this, I'm worried that this sort of thing will happen, and I'm not willing to destroy good parts, like I have this junk crank. I guess if it came to this on my /5 I'd be removing the crank from the engine and cutting the bearing off, but I sure don't want to have to do this.

Is this bearing often this kind of trouble to remove? I just can't believe how hard it is stuck on there. For the record, generally speaking, I am a patient worker who does not break things. I've done a fair bit of this sort of thing, but this seems to be a special case. Thanks for any insight.
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