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I make my own seal drivers with an old fork seal from the fork I'm replacing them in.

I take a razor knife and skin off the outside rubber material, remove the "lip" so it doesn't interfere with the lip of the new seal, then, with a hacksaw, I cut a very short section out of the seal, about 1/4".

You now have a seal that looks like a letter "C" with a smaller opening. you can then twist and distort the seal onto the fork. Do it inverted to the other seal so the flatter side contacts the new seal. Then with a mallet, you can tap the new seal in. Keep it turning to get it even. The fact that you skinned off the rubber from the sides, keeps it so it doesn't stick in the fork tube.

You ought to see the seal driver I built from pipe parts for conventional forks. but you can do the same with a seal and you don't have to cut it for a job on conventional forks, just skin off the outside rubber material and slide it on.
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