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Laugh The Aussie Swag

Originally Posted by juames View Post
Nice bike! I've always like the Tenere, too bad we can't get them here in NA.

What is that huge roll on the back?
G'day juames,

The roll on the back of the bike is my stately residence whilst adventuring.

In Australia we call them a "Swag". They are essentially a canvas cover in which contains all your bedding, mattress, pillow, linen, sleeping bag etc. On unclipping the plastic fasteners, they roll out and "Ta Daaa" instant accommodation.

They come in a range of sizes and designs depending on personal preference and applications. Most these days are of a triangular 'tent' design with guide ropes to fix to trees and or bike, car at each end. Although you can not stand inside them (Unless you are quite vertically challenged!) they provide basic comfortable protection from the elements for sleeping.

I must admit that at looking at the photos after taking them, I was surprised how large it looked. It is some what deceiving though as the rolled up 'footprint' is within the B&B tail rack. Weight is approximately 4 kilos.

I will post some photos later to give you a better idea.
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