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Originally Posted by 6USMC6 View Post
Surefire - makes flashlights that produce in excess of 800 Lumens and they project well enough to identify a man in camouflage at 500 meters - and more. They are rugged enough to withstand the recoil of any automatic weapon made - M2, M240, 25MM canon, etc. The reflectors are designed and set at the factory and are pre-focused. The technology is there.

I recently purchased a set of the new PIAA LED driving Lights and they are both bright and illuminate fairly well. They could be better however. The LED is mounted on a cross bar and is directed into the reflector.
+1 I have a Surefire 6px tactical light and let me tell you, that thing is a beacon of light. I have no doubts about the new BMW LED headlight.
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