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Originally Posted by TheDualDog View Post
It was great meeting the 8 of you on Erskin Cyn Trail. Paul Kendall and I had a great time and enjoyed the chat. But as soon as we got off the Dry Mdw Trail section, my clutch cable gave out and headed up the trail with it breaking and I continued until I hit the steep portion and killed it. Instead of replacing with a new cable I had in my backpack and trail-side work, it was best to go back onto the main road back to Kernville and do it there.

The next day we chose Cannell Mdw Trail and getting to the nearly 9400 foot elevation on the upper section. We would have made it to Sherman Peak but the snow drifts were making it too hard. So we headed back to Kernville and a hearty lunch.

It's hard to place the faces with your forum call signs, but we'll have to meet up again sometime.

Now how come I see no option to post a pic? I put mine on my main Facebook acct.
Nice seeing you on the trail Damon, we had quite the excursion after meeting up with you. Lost in the dark at 6700 feet. Alls well that ends well eh. Can you pm me Paul's number, he said we can possibly rent his cabin.
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