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I had to park it in the shop after finding it changing it's own oil, again. I know I bought a V-twin, but I didn't expect it to chronically be leaking oil so often. Seems like I'm having to replace every seal in the engine, one at a time. Getting tired of the "Harley" comments from the missus.

There were several drops and small puddles found under it in a parking lot Saturday. Closer inspection revealed the skid plate and center stand were covered with a thin film. Spots all over the back wheel too. Oil seen on both left and right side cases coming from above. No low pressure light, so I rode it home with the forty pound bag of dog food tied on tight. Only busted 100 mph once, cuz I thought it best to take it easy on the bleeding beast.

I'm betting on that pesky (oil pressure?) sending unit on rear of the front cylinder as the most likely source that would put oil down both sides.

After tweaking my leg riding dirt on the DRZ the next day I'll probably not get to take all the bodywork off until next weekend. Not to mention the unreasonably cold weather we are expecting over the next few days.

Heck, it might freeze tonight! Doesn't the weather know this is Texas! We usually don't do the "other" season until January or February!

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