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Is this normal?

Hey all.. I'm experiencing what sounds like the cam chain rattling on my 2007 990 ADV. 17K miles. Fresh oil change. Valves are due to be checked. Sounds like a machine gun... BB gun machine gun that is.

I hear this if starting off in first gear with low RPM's. If I rev it and slip the clutch more than usual it does not happen. I have always thought this was the drive chain slapping but now I'm not sure and think it may be the cam chain.

I have read a few post's on this but it seems guys are hearing this at cold start-up. I hear it very briefly when starting the bike, always have. I can't hear it at any other time in any gear unless I find myself lugging it. Yes I know you are not supposed to lug it but sometimes it happens that way. The bike runs perfect other than this rattle. Could the tensioner be worn out for the cam chain? There is no evidence of water in the oil via inspecting the filter. I run 20 - 50 Mobile One oil.

HELP !!! Is it going to blow?
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