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Had a quiet day today still really cold we had lots of snow here last night made the other day seem light so no riding for this little black duck today in fact i didnt venture out of my room till lunch time, oh its a hard life. The only drawback to doing that at this time of the year in Europe is you only have 4 and a bit hours of a day left, it certainly is taking some getting used to being in the pitch black at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Went up the road for dinner to grab a kebab it was bloody freezing so had a short walk around town having a bit of an optical on the local wildlife which there is just so much of and then headed back to my nice warm and snug cave.
Dont know what it is about this town but there is certainly an amazing amout of females to guys in all the restaurants theres like 20 chicks and one or two blokes and I mean in all of them, anyone would think its a lesbo town, ok that might offend some viewers lol but hey its true. In saying that, every girl is so friendly and chatty I reckon if you came here in the summer time it would be a great time, not that it isnt now its just that there covered from head to toe and being a mere male i prefer the old skimpy outfits . I met a local guy and we got chatting about it and I asked him did all the guys just kill each other in the war theres got to be some reason theres none of you around, but hey who am I to complain I need them odds.

Met Mario an American guy over on holidays from working in Kabul Afghanistan, he's here to let his hair down or what he has of it anyway, what a character he is pretty normal American outspoken loudish but really friendly a really nice dude. Mario was showing me some pictures of a surfcamp he is involved with in the Panama which looks pretty cool, good waves by the look of it. You can tell he's been in a camp in Afghanistan locked away from women for awhile hes in full on attack mode ahahaha and i thought i was bad Im a responsible citizen when it comes to chicks compared to him haha

I have to say Slovenia is really a great place, the people here are all just fantasticly friendly fron the very first person I met in the service station to the girls at the castle just everyone ive had the good fortune to come across has been really nice. Id have to say without a doubt it has come to the top of the list of favourite countries in Europe going past Scotland, if your ever thinking of coming to Europe definatly put Slovenia on your intinary the people here are just amazing and nearly all of them speak really good English which helps with communication there simply just a lovely lot of people.

Mario trying on his luck with a very beautiful friendly local girl working in one of the stalls

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