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Headed out for a walk around town with Mario today, the snow had been pretty heavy yesterday and last night and as we walked the street we were nearly hit by a whole heap falling off the roof of one of the buildings it fell right after us and right in front of this pregnant chick, I wonder how many times people have been hit on the head by a an avalance of snow off a building, it must happen now and then, im sure its funny when it happens it is only snow, the old saying its only funny till someone gets hurt then its hilarious springs to mind.

I took Mario over to the Thats Mad restautant for the lunch, again was really nice, cost us a bit more but the serving size of the local soup was huge, even to big for me and thats saying something.

Walked around to the local stalls tochat to a few of the girls, look there is girls everywhere did I mention that already ha ha done ask me to pronounce there names you would have to spell them out and even then id be lucky to remember them the J is like the I the I is like something else I dont know ive already given up where the hell is Sue or Julie.
We headed back to the hotel for awhile to relax I wanted to catch up on some uploading more photos to my blog I still get messages from people that are readig it for the first time so to add some photos of the early days when there wasnt such good internet.

Going through the old blogs is fun to it brings back good memories of some of the adventures ive already have, shit its been nearly 2 years since i left home and 18 months since I arrived in Africa so theres a lot of good times in there and to read back over them while adding some new photos is cool to remember them, I really should spend even more time adding more and more photos, I know there still people that read my blog for the first time even now.

I went back out for a walk there was the Christmas parade going on which was so weird man, these dudes worship the devil its crazy lol oh ok its the arrival of Saint Nicolas but the street parade was all these evil looking dudes in big horned masks people dressed up as the devil a big fat dude breathing fire then St Nic on a truck made to look like a cloud.

At one point one of these scary looking dudes with the big horns came over to the crowd where I was standing and roared at one of the little kids and grabbed her dad out onto the street and started whippiing him with some hair whip the little kid was screaming in terror was friggin hilarious, I actually felt safer up in the protests the other day with the water cannons and tear gas and a 150 cops banging on their shields than I did standing in this parade, bloody classic. Each to their own hey but its certainly one to see.

After the parade finished i walked up to a camping shop I had found earlier they didnt have any tent poles but could fix mine so the boys there fixed it for me, they charged me for the pole but it took the giys 20 minutes to put it all together and he only charged me 4 euro, I tried to give him more but he wouldnt have it, again these people are just so nice., maybe I look like a homeless bum and they feel like they are giving to charity or something.

So my tent peg is all good to go so if I do need to camp i can look its a little cold to be camping but when i get south I might wack the tent up a few days to save a few bucks if the weather is ok , its just nice to know I can put it up without it possibly blowing down in the middle of the night. The actually repair job I had done with it was quite good im sure it would of been ok it took us quite a bit of elbow grease to break it where I had put it back together.

Headed back up to the hotel to drop the tent poles off and met up with Mario so we were are off into town for a drink. Was 8'ish by the time we got to a bar Mario new, there was alot more people around tonight obvioulsy being the day St Nic comes to deliver all the pressies everyones out I guess its like out christmas eve back home, they give the gifts to each other on christmas eve at home, here santa come of the 6th of December or whatever date it is 7th 8th im not sure.

We were sitting at the bar this local guy comes on over standing there all quitely and then we say hello to him and then hes off, was so funny went from peacful mild mannered man to raving lunatic in 30 seconds, what a classic character though and we ended up having a great night with him. Dont even ask me his name now, shit i usually make sure I remember but I have no idea but he was a real estate agent into development in Slovenia was very succesful but like all real estate in the last few years had come on tough times then to top that off his wife had been killed in a car accident so probably helps you in becoming a raving lunatic who likes to get drunk, but again just really friendly.

I ended up on the Jack Daniels so pretty pissed in the end. Had a chat to a few of the girls one gorgeous Danish girl that worked in the consulate there but the night was pretty much a hitting the piss with our new made friend, what a classic he was.

Cant remember what time it was but not that late maybe after midnigth 1 oclock or something like that. I was going to leave tomorrow, its supposed to be 3 degrees so as good as its going to be in the next few days oh well ill see how I feel in the morning, yeah right as if.

Pretty crappy picture as I used the video kore but you can see the scary dude that frightened the crap out of the little kid and had her screaming

the boys at the camping shop that fixed my tent pole, these Slovenian people are fantastic

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