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Got up this morning thought about going but fook me it was cold, Vesna was in the kitchen at breakfast time working her cute little ass off, Shes really nice I must admit if I wasnt thinking Ev as much id probably have a shot at the title with her ha ha

Was hanging around went for a walk thinking fook me its cold then one of the guys came in and said it was -3 yeah ok thats why it felt so cold, good excuse to relax and do sweet fa and thats exactly wha I did. Had a walk out tonight and went and chatted to a couple of the friendly locals ive gotten to know around town some of the girls that work in the stalls are just so nice thouht if I was going to bump into Mario and his mate it woudl be somewhere down that way and sure enough there they were, we walked back to the hotel and got a couple of Kebabs on the way and just went back and hung around having a chat Mario has a date with a friend later one of them garunteed friends if you know what I mean.

Just hanging out packing all my gear up im out of here tomorrow rain hail or shine got to start making tracks im a little hesitant to go out of the EU as im not sure they will let me back in cause the fisrt stamp i have is way back in August but I have been into the Uk twice with them both times giving me 6 months to stay there, for the first time since getting here I did a bot of research on visa stuff for here and apparently you are only allowed 90 days in the EU Shengnan zone which is the mainland you know france germany etc etc and the you have to leave but the one little loop hole they do leave open is that when you get the chunnel out of England they dont stamp you out of the UK or into france so offically im still in the Uk even if I have been running around the EU for a few months now.

Look im probably not over the 90 days by much oh ok I probably am a but hey im not here to work and the amout of money im spending they would be doing me a favour booting me out. So using this technique you could realistically stay in the the UK for 6 months before you have to leave and do the 3 moinths in the Eu a total of 270 days or nine months beofre leaving, look that is always at the discretion of the border control immigration ghuy if hes having a bad anythign coudl happen and you could be arrested fined and have illegal immigrant stamped in your passport but hey when in Rome im going to give it a shot ill find out in the next few dyss if im arrested and an illegal immigrant i suppose lol.

Im a bit hesitant to go across ionto the Balkans for this reason but hey you only live once ill deal with it when it comes up all im innocent of really is being a dickhead and not researching my visa requirements earlier, hey feel free to not remember any of this if you do it.

Mario and Luigi and a nice English girl we met along the way grabbing dinner at the local Kebab shop

Ljubljana by night its certainly a nice town city or whatever you want to call it

One of the grand old buildings in the centro

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