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Originally Posted by dinocarsfast View Post
So I had a adventurous ride home last night that I would like to share, my normal commute has been BK to 10 miles from bear mtn area the last few weeks.

Lastnight was different though, first off it was raining nbd I had my rain gear so that doestnt stop me but when I was going over the BK bridge my high-beam went out, again nbd except my low-beam went out on Thursday going over the gwb and switching from high to low resulted in nothing since I never had time to change the bulb. So I'm trying to think of any place that might be open at 11:30PM that has a H4 bulb. Only place that I could think of was shell on 96th so on I went, It wasnt so bad without a headlight, but just before I got to 96th it started pouring heavy. Got to the gas station and they had nothing went to another, again with nothing then found a car-wash that was closed because of the rain, but people were there and let me get what I needed. It this point its still pouring and my socks are getting wet because I decided to get the ventilated boots instead of the water-proof version. On the on-ramp for the FDR I had to ride through about 6" of standing water. I made it to the Palisades pkwy and my toes are completely submerged in water inside my boots, I can feel it slosh around when I hit bumps or move my toes. Then its foggy on the pkwy like it has been the last couple of days so everyone is going slow. 10 miles up the pkwy I get passed by an Escalade holding his phone out the window recording me like he never saw a motorcycle before. Then my hands start to freeze but thats normal so I trek on and eventually make it home safe.

Sorry it was so long of a post but it took me nearly twice as long to get home, but I did make it home safe so it has a happy ending
Sounds familiar

I carry an extra bulb with me along with other parts. The rain/snow takes a toll on electrics. I would recommend a pair of Neos overshoe covers and waterproof mits with a wiper included in the thumb.... nothing worse than wet hands and feet in cold weather.

The fog has been pretty bad on the PIP, just be careful with those useless NJ drivers
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