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Originally Posted by cug View Post
I'm not 100% certain whether the silverware was designed for the German military, all I can say is that this stuff has been around forever. Basically since I can remember going camping with school in the early eighties.
+1. During my first forays into camping in the 80s, I'd say 60%+ of the kids in my scout troop had that style of metal cutlery. Great for "luxury camping" where all your kit goes on a lorry and you stay in one spot for 2 weeks. I personally wouldn't be prepared to go for the extra size/weight over my titanium spork when backpacking or a plastic spoon, coupled with my leatherman that I'm already carrying when on the bike.

The grill looks a nice idea, but the price (I completely get the labour) seems incredibly high for what it is. I think if I was going to go for the "cooking on a grill" model of cooking and not carrying a collapsible stove that incorporated one, I'd go for a single piece grill (or an old oven shelf) attached to the outside* of my pannier to keep it separate from my kit. That said, if the price was right, I could imagine getting one of these for backpacking off the bike. Either way, the skewer looks pretty good and if that was available on its own for a few less $ I might go for it.

Anyway, that's only for my personal kit preference. They come across as likeable guys and I wish them every success.

*I'd clean it before use as opposed to after and the heat of the fire would sterilise it too.
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