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Ok it was time to head off id been here long enough bumming around and as much as i like it I had to get out of here before I get snowed in and have to stay for the winter, I really have to get somewhere warmer soon this is ridiculous and its only a week or so into winter, everyone including Ev are saying I should stay and experience a real European winter ahahahahahah yeah right as if 6 hour max long days freezing your tits off all the time no thanks you guys send me a postcard and let me know how its going.

Was up early at ariound 8:30 just missed Mario he was off to Italy then home to the states for awhile so had breakfast and packed up the bike. Vesna wasnt around either she had gone to Lienz in Austria to go skiing I loved that town its beautiful there, we had said our goodbyes yesterday shes another really nice local and the hottest ass ahahaha im pretty sure she had a head i could hear something coming from up there now and then ahah
Hit the road and road i think it was like 1 or 2 degrees celcius so not to bad with all my gear on, I wasnt exactly sure where i was going but towards Croatia down towards the coast. The Gps had me going through Zagreb but with a -10 forcast for the tomorow i thought id just get to the coast it would have to be a bit warmer over there.

Was riding along snow covered hills the road was dampish so was being careful you just never know when theres going to be ice so didnt get it over 140 lol should only slide for about 50 to 70 metres at that speed if I do hit the deck, look it wasnt that bad I was staying in the dryer line the trucks had created so was ok, famous last words that hey.

i came to the border crossing I was hoping everything would go ok, I was a little nervous actually but in the end it was ok. The guy at the gate questioned me and said you have overstayed your visa you are only allowed to be here for 90 days and I just said I came up through Africa and then went across into London and ive just come back out and im leaving to go home and when I caught the train in the UK nobody stopped me to stamp my passport and you are the first person ive come across.

Im pretty sure he knew the story hes not a dumbo and has probably seen it a hundred times before but unless he arrests you and goes through all your intinary and susses out what hotels you have stayed at theres no proof.
Anyway he lets me through with no problems all good phew I think as I ride away that could of gone either way, now ive just got to get back into the EU somewhere in the next month or two. They do say its alot slacker down the southern regions and I didnt even get stamped when i entered Greece origianlly so the first place I was even stopped was the Uk in August so heres hoping the same thing happens if I do decide to go that way, if I dont get let in ill jsut shoot across Maqcedonia and into Bulgaria and down to Turkey for awhile still lots to see and do down there. I am hoping I get back in I want to go over to Spain Portuagal and Morocco then up to Scandinavia next year before I head across to Russia and Siberia.

i hit the expressway and my first greeting is a gorgeous blonde chick in the toll booth, shit this looks good blonde big tits beautiful i nearly got off to take a picture im only blogging cause ill never forget here and dont want too what an introduction into Croatia, maybe thats why she works there, first impressions count and mine was great. Ok she wasnt the first the first was the immigration guy at the border he had a chat and said you got to try our local beer but dont drink and then ride thats all.

Stopped in Rijeka and had a look around came across a nice freindly local dude taking some pictures so had a chat to him for awhile he gave me the tip on a few places to head so off I went down the E65 apparently this si the coast road you have to ride if you are a motorcyclist.

Ended up in a village called Novi something ill have to google it south of Rijeka anyway. Vinodolski it was, thanks google.

I was starting to feel the cold by then had covered about 200 odd k's and ridden in and around Rijeka as well so had been on the road for a few hours which was enough for the day, plus its out of season here so to find something open is a mission in itself but fortunatly I came across a nice little hotel after stopping at two three with no luck and in I went done and done for the day and im in Croatia.

The local Croatian dude I stopped and had a chat to just outside of Rijeka, his dad was from Mozambique originally. I told him he would have to go one day its beautiful down there but he was scared of flying so I just said get old like me and then when you die in a plane crash you havent lost that many years, was a nice guy a uni student from inland Croatia dont ask me the town one of them weird names again.

First little port town south of Rijeka Croatia

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