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The people at this hotel have family that live in Perth Australia so sort of close to home. the son can speak good English and had a good chat with him last night over a beer. I was going to leave today but the expected front came in and man it was a beauty there was no way I was riding today as much as I would of loved the challenge. I walked outside to see what it was like and nearly got blown off my feet and there was debri flying around everywhere it was amazing. If you get hit by sheet of metal when its flying at that speed your dead so it would of been just silly to go and totally out of my control. i know, pussy but you had to see it to believe it was amazing. Apparently Zagreb had the most snow fall in a single day in 60 years so im glad I didnt go that way id probably be stuck there for awhile im sure. Oh well ill be leaving in the morning rain hail or shine I dont care no internet baby and im out of here.

There is no internet here which sux so no blogs or pictures uploaded which would of been good to kill the time with but oh well ill get to it eventually, ive been a bit slack uploading my stuff for a few days now but ill get around to it.

Heres a pic of the bora wind it was amazing ive stood at Cape Byron in a cyclone and this was every bit as strong as that. i took this at around 3pm as it started to clear a little. If you look closely you can see some tiles that had blown off the roof across the way there was tiles on my balcony so we lost a few to obvioulsy, im amazed there wasnt more smashed glass all around

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