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Color options for new GS

So I've elected to get the new GS in red, and I was having a discussion with my girlfriend regarding paint jobs on cars and the classic discussion on car color came up: "If you own a red (sports) car, your insurance premium is higher and you have a higher chance of getting pulled over by a cop" Both points in that statement maybe bunk, but it had me considering the actual pros and cons of having a red trimmed motorcycle. I'm coming from a blue 2005 GS, which I love the color and would even love it on the new model, but the new blue is a little too 'electric' for me.

My thought on Pros: better visibility to other cars, aesthetically pleasing
Cons: better visibility/susceptibility to cops, visual attractiveness leading to vandalism/theft

What are everyone's thoughts? Is there any actual data out there in internet land that goes over the psychology of a red vehicle and whether or not it costs you more money annually or jeopardizes your safety on the bike or attracts theft?

I'm not a fan of the white or blue in the slightest, so my back up plan is the grey trim.

It's too bad Click and Clack are off the air. It would have been a good question for them.
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